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This is definitely not a sequel to my last post as you know (incase you have been following) that there is a story I have been relating on this blog and we are yet to be through with it.  I know it has been such an inspiring story and you have learnt a lot from it. I assure you that the rest of the story is hot and will be posted in no time. No! This is not a kind of suspense. It’s too early to be giving you that, you know? However, that’s not why I am here. I have got a little gist for you guys.

This blog started not too long ago out of my desire to develop myself and have a redirection of principles, paradigm and mindset and also out of the urge to be a blessing to my generation by impacting them with the knowledge that will cause them to stand and be responsible for their future and the future of their society.

I need not emphasize that a changed society or nation is the product of a changed man. Show me a progressive society and I will show you a progressive man. A man with the mindset of change, possibility and excellence will move nations and cause the whole world to wonder because he will be unstoppable. That is the kind of men this blog will raise and has been raising.

For this blog, I see change as a constant thing, nothing good is impossible and we are committed to excellence. In the light of this and with a heart full of joy, I announce that this blog is changing base. I understand that to fully make an impact, you need to efficiently utilize the resources at your disposal. To also touch a man’s heart, you have to give him what he likes best and how you deliver it also matters more than anything.

This blog has now moved to a larger, more beautiful and more user friendly environment. There you have enough space to move around, more challenges and more opportunities to feed on better personal development, entrepreneurship and nation building ideas.

Now follow me to our new place. Henceforth, this is where my subsequent posts are going to be and no more here. As a matter of fact the continuation of the series I started three posts away has just been posted there – read it and be sure to leave your comment.

Thanks for your cooperation so far. I hope to see more of you there.

You Are Not Alone

you are not aloneIn the past two posts, I have been talking about my trip to Lagos and the lessons I learnt from it. Life is full of lessons, you know, and it takes your love for life for you to be able to notice the lessons it flashes you and make good use of them. As important as it is to be aware of these lessons, we also need to be diligent at the use of them. Get this: it’s not what you don’t have that limits you, it’s what you have but don’t know how to use. There are no better ways to use these lessons than to take immediate action at applying it in our lives and other places applicable. The story still continues and the lessons keep flowing. Borrowing from the words of my mentor, empty your cup and let this post fill it. Let’s roll!

An Important Discovery

The journey to the top is not an easy one. Achieving your dream could mean doing what you have never done before or even doing what you naturally don’t like to do. Getting what you desired out of life is not always fun-filled.

Here is why I am sounding like this. I really never knew what the trek had in stock for me when I started it – It was damn long and difficult. I never wouldn’t have imagined in my life that I will walk that long. As I think about how everything went again, I think my main motivation for doing all I have done despite how stressful they were comes down to the fact that I really felt it strongly in my mind that If I was not at the seminar then I was nowhere – this was my driving force. Getting to the top might not be easy but if you have got a driving force, you will surely make it through – it might just take time. Don’t let this discourage you: nothing good comes easy. With patience and determination, you will make it. Throw your mind across the bar and you will definitely find your body on the other side of the bar. More than all these, I discovered that climbing a wall that seems the tallest will be a lot easier with the aid of a ladder – this is the main point I want to emphasize in this post.

The Leverages

According to Microsoft Encarta Dictionaries (2008), a leverage is something that has power to get things done – power over other people. It is especially something that gives an advantage but is not referred to openly. In my own words, it is something that enhances your efficiency and eases the stress in delivery of a particular task. Your journey to the top might get overwhelming but if you leverage or get a help, it will surely become easier than expected. This was rang in my subconscious when I noticed at a point in the trek that I could get a bike to take me over to where I would be able to find my way and the journey might become even faster than I imagined. I got a bike and indeed it made the journey faster and less stressful. I got over this hurdle and yet another one surfaced again.

I got a ride from a co-participant at the seminar while heading home after the seminar and right on the third mainland bridge, his tire got punctured and we were there with a flat tire and wondering how we were going to fix the “shit” that got punctured. He’s got an extra tired but how to fix it was what we were still imagining when two men showed up (they actually help out stranded vehicles on the bridge for money). They were a ready help and we were so relieved to have them fix the tire for us. We leveraged on their ability and we got out of there in no-time.

My Word For You

I already said this that your journey to success might get overwhelming but if you leverage or get a help, it will surely become easier than expected. You must understand that a help keeps you going at a point where you are rather supposed to be stranded. It takes two to tango. Some ideas become world-class when more than one head cook them. There cannot be anything better than me supporting you when you lift it. The journey to the top is faster and more exciting when we move hand-in-hand. It would rather be foolish to hesitate to seek for a help when you can get it and it seem the only option left.

I need your constructive advice on this blog. Drop it as a comment. See you in the next post.

The story still continues!

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Get Out Of The Bus

traffic jamThis is a sequel to my last post where I talked about my journey to Lagos and the lessons I learnt on the way. I already emphasized in the previous post that it’s not about the condition you find yourself but how you manage yourself in this conditions will determine your success or failure. That set-back can be to your advantage if you decide to turn it around to your advantage. If you’ve not read the post, click here to read it. I suggest you read it before this.

Now, to the business of the day! The unforeseen obstacle on my way was a traffic jam. I was held up in it for close to two hours until I decided that if I was going to leave that spot early enough, it was up to me. I needed to find a means to leave that spot. We couldn’t have hired the world’s strongest man to carry the bus in which I was seated and scale us through the traffic. That’s not in any way possible and that would have even been the easiest way to compound our problems. Instead, I did something that might sound stupid.

During our stay at that spot, we got the information that the traffic jam is not likely to be cleared in the next imaginable hour. Some even said they have been there for more than six hours. “So terrible!” you said? That was exactly what I thought to myself. Does it mean I will be at a spot for hours and end up missing an important seminar? God forbid!

In a bid to get a fresh air and free myself from the stuffy air in the bus, I got out of the bus. While outside the bus, I had a feel of how terrible the situation was. I noticed I couldn’t see the end of the pile of vehicles on the road. All hope of getting any further seemed to be lost.

Suddenly, my understanding came to the fact that if I was held in there, it’s neither the fault of the government nor the bus driver that took that road but my fault. Does it sound funny to you? You don’t seem to be able to understand how it is my fault.

I knew I had got a choice to make; maybe to stay there for hours or leave immediately. At this point it dawned on me that if I have got to leave that spot and move forward, it’s up to me. My mind was made up to leave this spot at all cost. I saw that nothing was holding my legs back from moving forward. The wheels of the vehicles were the ones held back from moving but not my own natural wheel- my legs.

At the birth of this thought, what was I waiting for again? I got my legs to action and decided to walk myself out of the traffic jam. This sounds pretty cool to your ears but it was a tough decision.

Why have I taken time to write this epistle? I love you and want your progress. I need to ring it to your ears so loud that you are definitely at that point because you allowed yourself to be at that point. Nothing happens to you in life without your consent. Nigeria or whichever country is what it is today because you and I permitted it. Your financial status is at that same spot because you never took the bold step to get to the next level. I took a bold step less than a year ago to step up my personal life and it is what you are enjoying today.

Get your mind out of the bus. Get your mind out the present situations and you’ll see yourself on the other side in bliss. You are engineered for progress and not set-backs.

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Lessons from the Road to Lagos

lagos roadI had a long time on the internet last night and now I am up again to do that which I love to do-blogging to inspire you. I got great and tremendous comments from the readers of my posts on this blog and I must from my heart appreciate them for giving me their feedbacks. I must quickly drop this now before I get going for the day.

I was on a trip to attend a seminar at a neighbouring state, precisely Lagos state and I can categorically tell you that this is the most stressful journey I have ever made. It was like hell for me. Everything about the journey just seemed to be falling in the wrong place. At the end of the journey, I was so tired…I thought I was going to get a fever. In this post, I will relate how the journey went and the lessons I learnt from it.

The journey started early in the morning at Ibadan (a city in Nigeria where I live) at about 7 o’clock and the day looked so beautiful. I took a public transport and it took off after about 30 minutes of loading. I particularly liked the idea of the journey starting very early so that I would get to the venue of the seminar early as well. It was supposed to be a 1 ½ -hour journey and considering that, I thought I was going to get to my destination at least 30 minutes early, which was my plan. The seminar was slated to start by 10 o’clock and it will be interesting to let you know that I spent close to 4 hours on the journey against my plan and I ended up almost missing the seminar. As a matter of fact, I got there when the seminar was about ending. So painful…uhn? It was some drastic decisions that I took during the journey that made me not even spend more than that time on the journey.

Unforeseen obstacles on our way to achieving our dreams

Let me point out here as an insight that things might not go the way we want or intend that they should go. Situations might turn around against us in the pursuit of our dreams for whatever reason. Our plans might not work out fine but that definitely is not the end of the road for whatever pursuit we might have embarked upon. I have said it in this blog times without number that the obstacles on our way to success are not to keep us away or discourage us but to let us prove how badly we want to succeed. Don’t you think if you really want to succeed or achieve that dream of yours scaling the obstacle or crushing it will be so easy to do? Yeah! That’s it! The road to success is decorated with so many obstacles and failures and how successful you are will be dependent on how willing you are to overcome the obstacles and failure. It really is not about the condition-maybe good or bad but how well you are able to manage yourself in it.

Here is a tip, in every unfavourable condition you find yourself, there is definitely a way out. All you need to just do is decide that you will take action and take responsibility for the change of the condition. If your mind is made up for a change, your condition is also on its way to change.

Find out how I made my way out of the terrible condition I found myself in the next post!

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Life: As Good As Your Investment Into It.

LifeRight now, I am at a friend’s place trying to use his internet connection and drop a post into this life-changing blog. My internet connection has been due for renewal and I am yet to make the payment for it to be renewed. I wouldn’t say because I’m no more connected, I wouldn’t come here and give you (loyal and highly esteemed readers) something to enjoy and ruminate upon. No! You people mean so much to me and I will do anything to see you reach greater heights in your life – personal, career and business. This blog is set to deliver the best and in the most passionate way. Like my slogan is, “You and I moving to greater heights”.

I got a text message from a friend lately that reads, “Life never seems the way we want it but we live it the best way we can. There is no perfect life but the little we contribute to it counts and best filled with perfect moment”. In this post, I’ll talk more on the message and drive home the important points in the message.

A lot has been said about life and a lot has been written about it, as well. However, every one of us is entitled to our different interpretations and meanings we give to life. What I have often noticed is that the meanings we all give are based on our different experiences in life. We all tend to come to the conclusion on what life is, based on what we have seen in our own personal life and in the life of others.

Considering the first sentence of the message, “Life never seems the way we want it but we live it the best way we can”, I partially disagree to the statement. It’s true, we should live life the best way we can but I don’t support the fact that life never seems the way we want it. The major reason (in my own opinion) why many people around believe life never seems the way we want it is that they always stop at the stage of want and desire and nothing more.

I need to let you know that it is one thing to want something and it is another thing to get what you want. Life doesn’t automatically give you what you want. There is a place of “wanting” something, which is dreaming, and there is also a place of pursuing your dream. The gap between what you want and what you get is your will to pursue what you want. I keep saying it that life doesn’t give you what you desire but what you are determined to get. You need to understand that the obstacles on your way to achieving your dreams are not to keep you away from your dreams but to ascertain how important the dream is to you. How do you show how important the dream is to you? It is by your perseverance and your determination to achieve your dream. You can get a better life and a beautiful one if you are ready and determined to do what it takes to get it.

This brings us to the last sentence of the message which I strongly agree with and says, “There is no perfect life but the little we contribute to it counts and best filled with perfect moment” I can actually say that there is no perfect life because great and infinite potentials lies in us and the question of we maximizing it to a perfect life is a difficult one to answer. However, how much we contribute to life counts a lot. You need to understand that life will not be sweeter than you are ready to contribute or invest in it.

Just like the computer, what you give or invest into making your life better determines what you get out of it. Getting a beautiful life or making the desired income you dream of, won’t come easy. Have it in mind, some have achieved what you dream of achieving. It will be a lot of advantage to you if you can study their lives and follow the processes they went through. The future will be blissful if you learn from the past and use it to your advantage. Learning from these people will be a good way to take the past and use it to your advantage. Brian Tracy said, “The very fastest way for you to succeed is by piggy-backing on the good advice and counsel of men and women who have spent years learning how to succeed ahead of you”.

Life will be beautiful for us if we don’t just want it to be beautiful but are determined to do what will make it beautiful. Mind you, there is no success other than the one that is gotten through the right means. You need to understand this simple truth that whatever wealth is accumulated through the back door will surely leave through the back door because it will not last.

Do you have a similar or a different opinion from mine? Let me know! Drop it as a comment.

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